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We are a small non-profit charitable organization raising funds to help keep our wildlife, in particular species that are at risk of becoming endangered or at risk of harm. Our mission is to raise awareness of wildlife issues around the world and to hold fund raising events to help with the conservation and salvation of those wildlife issues. Not only are we are a small charitable organization but we sometimes act as an "umbrella of resource" for other organizations and or /causes. If you know of an organization and or cause that needs our help and it fits within our remit then please contact us. We strive on trying to make a difference and all donations are gratefully received regardless of value.

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Sun 9th Apr 2017



Bandung Zoo (Kebun Bintatang Bandung) is situated in the City of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia and covers an area of 14 hectares.   The zoo itself was built in 1933, and in those days people thought that digging a hole in the ground and throwing an animal in there was ok.  As human beings have become more educated as to the needs of animals that are in captive environments, we now know that these types of enclosures are not a healthy living environment.

The zoo forest is the most pristine and untouched forest in the City of Bandung which contains numerous protected plant species

While there has been a variety of animal deaths over the years, the causes of these deaths has never been from starvation. The begging of the sun bears is learned behavior caused by people feeding the animals. This is one of the many things that visitors must be prevented from doing and educated on the reasons why.  The cause of the elephant, Yani’s, death will be revealed in the near future.

In January 2017, Cee4life was contacted by multiple concerned animal lovers who had viewed a video purporting to show “starving bears begging for food” in Bandung Zoo. We immediately contacted the Chairman of the Indonesian Zoo’s and Aquariums, Dr Tony Sumampau, who reassured us that no such thing was happening, and in fact no animals were starving within the zoo.  We received detailed reports and photographs which showed the reality of the situation.  While no animals were immediately starving, other urgent actions are needed.

We arranged to visit the zoo in March and April 2017 to see the condition and how we could help the animals.  The Indonesian Zoo’s and Aquariums have been helping the zoo for the last year, but on meeting with the management we have found our help is very much needed and has been very welcomed.



Our visit has found that the current situation is balancing on a knife edge and could go either way. 

Cee4life immediately offered to help the zoo with the following

1) Enclosure upgrades

2) Enrichment

3) Assistance with food provision

4) Assistance with veterinary aid

5) Implementation of education programs and community participation

We have been given two large enclosures to upgrade                    

There are 3 vital factors that convinced us to help. 

1) The animals in Bandung Zoo are very loved but need a lot immediate and urgent help.

2) The old growth forest containing critically endangered plant species that need to be absolutely protected.

3) Out of no wrong doing of their own, the management of Bandung Zoo have fallen on hard times.

Realistically, if help is not provided immediately and efficiently, then the situation has the potential of declining rapidly. 


Upgrade Project

With your help and support, Cee4life is going into Bandung Zoo on a semi-permanent basis to begin work on the upgrades of enclosures, enrichment, assistance with food provision, assistance with veterinary aid when needed, and the implementation of education programs and community participation programs.  We will be assisted and advised by the Indonesian zoo’s and Aquariums and the management of Bandung to implement the most humane enclosures that are in line with ‘The Five Freedoms”, which are:

1.     Freedom from hunger or thirst by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour

2.     Freedom from discomfort by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area

3.     Freedom from pain, injury or disease by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment

4.     Freedom to express (most) normal behaviour by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind

5.     Freedom from fear and distress by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering

Education Program

We have always known that education action is one of the most vitally important keys in protecting animals, whether animals are wild or captive.  Education has the potential to stop up and coming poachers, to stop animal abuse, to save habitat, to create a network of protectors in some of the most environmentally impacted areas and to protect what is left of wildlife.  From our base in Bandung Zoo, we will filter these education programs across SE Asia and into India, and wherever else we can.  Teaching compassion towards animals is much needed and from previous compassion programs we have implemented, we have seen amazing and ongoing results. All it takes is to do it.

Our fundraiser will go live this week and we hope that you will support this mission.  In the meantime you can donate via the button on our front page or direct to our account, details found here  – http://www.cee4life.org/supporters/

If you have ever wished that you could help a zoo in need, this is your chance.

Volunteer Program

Cee4life is in the process of creating a volunteer program where you will be able to join in and help with this very humane mission for the animals.  This volunteer program should be up and running by June 2017. For those interested, please send your resume to cee4lifeinc@outlook.com

We will do ongoing updates of this very important project and hope that many of you will join in, visit and support these very humane efforts.

Please help us help these animals and educate as many people as we can on compassion to the animals.

Ultimately, one day we would like to say this is Bandung Sanctuary, not Zoo.



NB *******WILDLIFE CALLING will be fundraising to expand and improve the Sun Bear enclosure at the zoo.  So please help us to do this by sending any donations via our Pay Pal button on here or direct to our Bank – details are on this website. Please make sure that you put that your donation is for 'Bandung Sun Bears'.    Many thanks.    We will also be arranging some raffles etc to help with this via our Face Book page – so do keep checking.




Sat 11th Mar 2017


Would you like to own this stunning picture??? It is a limited edition print on canvas by world renowned wildlife artist Eric Wilson. It is A4 size and is mounted ready to hang and is signed by Eric. There is a reserve price on it. All you need to do is make a bid for it by email to: wildlifecalling@hotmail.co.uk The online auction is open until the end of May 2017. And it can be posted to anywhere in the world if you should make the winning bid.

******  The auction is now closed.  We had a wonderful winning bid of £150 from Jill.  Thank you so very much.  The money will going to our fund raising for the sun bear enclosure upgrade in Bandung Zoo.


Thu 2nd Mar 2017

PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforeseen project work which is taking far longer than we thought, unfortunately we must cancel our May event. We hope to announce another date later in the year. We apologise to the Speakers who were coming, and also to those who have purchased tickets. We will be sending refunds to them this week, and also donations to the Speakers charities.


News Archive:


 In 2017-03-20

In March we sent a donation of £100 to one of our team, Eva.  Later in the year she is volunteering at the Borneo Sun Bear Conservation for two months, then in January 2018 she is volunteering at the Animals Asia sanctuary in Chengdu, China for three months.  She is doing the practical work that we at Wildlife Calling are about - she will be a great Ambassador for us and I know will have a wonderful experience at these two super facilities.  If you would like to help her with her fund raising then please use the donate button on here and state that your donation is for Eva.  Many thanks.


 In 2017-03-15

On March 14th 2017 we sent cheques for £25 each to Tiger Awareness, The National Fox Welfare Trust and The Global White Lion Protection Trust UK to help with their wonderful work.


 In 2016-11-27

A cheque for £100 has been sent to Ms Cas Jackson to help towards the veterinary bill for the two sick hedgehogs she is looking after. We hope they will soon recover and eventually be returned to the wild.