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Sun 9th Apr 2017



Bandung Zoo (Kebun Bintatang Bandung) is situated in the City of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia and covers an area of 14 hectares.   The zoo itself was built in 1933, and in those days people thought that digging a hole in the ground and throwing an animal in there was ok.  As human beings have become more educated as to the needs of animals that are in captive environments, we now know that these types of enclosures are not a healthy living environment.

The zoo forest is the most pristine and untouched forest in the City of Bandung which contains numerous protected plant species

While there has been a variety of animal deaths over the years, the causes of these deaths has never been from starvation. The begging of the sun bears is learned behavior caused by people feeding the animals. This is one of the many things that visitors must be prevented from doing and educated on the reasons why.  The cause of the elephant, Yani’s, death will be revealed in the near future.

In January 2017, Cee4life was contacted by multiple concerned animal lovers who had viewed a video purporting to show “starving bears begging for food” in Bandung Zoo. We immediately contacted the Chairman of the Indonesian Zoo’s and Aquariums, Dr Tony Sumampau, who reassured us that no such thing was happening, and in fact no animals were starving within the zoo.  We received detailed reports and photographs which showed the reality of the situation.  While no animals were immediately starving, other urgent actions are needed.

We arranged to visit the zoo in March and April 2017 to see the condition and how we could help the animals.  The Indonesian Zoo’s and Aquariums have been helping the zoo for the last year, but on meeting with the management we have found our help is very much needed and has been very welcomed.



Our visit has found that the current situation is balancing on a knife edge and could go either way. 

Cee4life immediately offered to help the zoo with the following

1) Enclosure upgrades

2) Enrichment

3) Assistance with food provision

4) Assistance with veterinary aid

5) Implementation of education programs and community participation

We have been given two large enclosures to upgrade                    

There are 3 vital factors that convinced us to help. 

1) The animals in Bandung Zoo are very loved but need a lot immediate and urgent help.

2) The old growth forest containing critically endangered plant species that need to be absolutely protected.

3) Out of no wrong doing of their own, the management of Bandung Zoo have fallen on hard times.

Realistically, if help is not provided immediately and efficiently, then the situation has the potential of declining rapidly. 


Upgrade Project

With your help and support, Cee4life is going into Bandung Zoo on a semi-permanent basis to begin work on the upgrades of enclosures, enrichment, assistance with food provision, assistance with veterinary aid when needed, and the implementation of education programs and community participation programs.  We will be assisted and advised by the Indonesian zoo’s and Aquariums and the management of Bandung to implement the most humane enclosures that are in line with ‘The Five Freedoms”, which are:

1.     Freedom from hunger or thirst by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour

2.     Freedom from discomfort by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area

3.     Freedom from pain, injury or disease by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment

4.     Freedom to express (most) normal behaviour by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind

5.     Freedom from fear and distress by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering

Education Program

We have always known that education action is one of the most vitally important keys in protecting animals, whether animals are wild or captive.  Education has the potential to stop up and coming poachers, to stop animal abuse, to save habitat, to create a network of protectors in some of the most environmentally impacted areas and to protect what is left of wildlife.  From our base in Bandung Zoo, we will filter these education programs across SE Asia and into India, and wherever else we can.  Teaching compassion towards animals is much needed and from previous compassion programs we have implemented, we have seen amazing and ongoing results. All it takes is to do it.

Our fundraiser will go live this week and we hope that you will support this mission.  In the meantime you can donate via the button on our front page or direct to our account, details found here  –

If you have ever wished that you could help a zoo in need, this is your chance.

Volunteer Program

Cee4life is in the process of creating a volunteer program where you will be able to join in and help with this very humane mission for the animals.  This volunteer program should be up and running by June 2017. For those interested, please send your resume to

We will do ongoing updates of this very important project and hope that many of you will join in, visit and support these very humane efforts.

Please help us help these animals and educate as many people as we can on compassion to the animals.

Ultimately, one day we would like to say this is Bandung Sanctuary, not Zoo.



NB *******WILDLIFE CALLING will be fundraising to expand and improve the Sun Bear enclosure at the zoo.  So please help us to do this by sending any donations via our Pay Pal button on here or direct to our Bank – details are on this website. Please make sure that you put that your donation is for 'Bandung Sun Bears'.    Many thanks.    We will also be arranging some raffles etc to help with this via our Face Book page – so do keep checking.





Sat 11th Mar 2017


Would you like to own this stunning picture??? It is a limited edition print on canvas by world renowned wildlife artist Eric Wilson. It is A4 size and is mounted ready to hang and is signed by Eric. There is a reserve price on it. All you need to do is make a bid for it by email to: The online auction is open until the end of May 2017. And it can be posted to anywhere in the world if you should make the winning bid.

******  The auction is now closed.  We had a wonderful winning bid of £150 from Jill.  Thank you so very much.  The money will going to our fund raising for the sun bear enclosure upgrade in Bandung Zoo.



Thu 2nd Mar 2017

PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforeseen project work which is taking far longer than we thought, unfortunately we must cancel our May event. We hope to announce another date later in the year. We apologise to the Speakers who were coming, and also to those who have purchased tickets. We will be sending refunds to them this week, and also donations to the Speakers charities.



Thu 23rd Feb 2017

PLEASE NOTE --- Our event on Sunday 21st May is a TICKET ONLY event.  No one will be admitted without one.  We are also unable to leave them on the door for you without payment in advance.  And we will need names and addresses so we know who to give them to.

The last date for sending/ordering tickets is WEDNESDAY 17TH MAY.  You will not be able to buy any after this.  This is because we have to let our caterers have the numbers attending by the following day.

Many thanks.



Mon 13th Feb 2017

We would like to invite schools or individual children to take part in the painting competition which will be judged at our event on 21st May.  Either draw, paint or colour a picture of your favourite WILD animal.  It should be on A4 sized paper, and have your name, age, school and address written on the back. They should be submitted by post to arrive two days before the event, or 12.30 pm on the day. It is hoped that participants will come along to enjoy the day.  The result will be announced during the afternoon when the prize/s will be presented to the winner/s.  The cost for each entry is 50 pence to be paid with the painting when submitted.




Mon 13th Feb 2017

How would you like to take this home from our event??? It is a limited edition print on canvas of a painting by world renowned wildlife artist Eric Wilson, and is signed by him. It has been professionally mounted by Eric and is ready to hang on your wall!!! *******Keep checking to see how you can become the owner of this stunning work of art. This has been donated to us by our friend in Australia Max Dombrowsky, to whom we are very grateful.




Wed 4th Jan 2017


On Sunday 21st May 2017 Wildlife Calling are hosting A SPECIAL CONSERVATION DAY. Our VIP Guest will be our Honorary Patron Sybelle Foxcroft who will be flying over from Australia to join us.

Also speaking will be Julie Lines of the Global White Lions Trust, Phil Davis of Tiger Awareness, Martin Hemmington of the National Fox Welfare Society and Maria Mossman of Action for Elephants. We are waiting to hear from other speakers. 

Tickets will be £5 Adults, £2.50 16 years and under and OAPS, under 5's free. The cost will include Afternoon Tea. Put the date in your diaries and if you would like tickets or need further information then please email:  

Hope to see you there!!

******If anyone travels to the event by train do let us know and we can arrange to pick you up from the station before the event.  But we not be able to do so once the event has started.

HOT OFF THE PRESS:   Miss Ellie and Mr Tigger will be there and are hoping to meet lots of children.  So Boys and Girls - get your Mums and Dads to bring you along.

******We are hopeful that Dr Jackie Abell who is Director of Research for ALERT will be able to join us for our event. We will know nearer the time so keep watching this space!!!!!

********As part of our special day we will be holding a very special auction. We will hold it online for 2/3 days before and finish online the early evening before the event, and then continue it during the event, when it will finish during the afternoon. Keep checking in to see what it will be....... The top bid from online and the event will be announced at the event so it pays to be there ..........then you can take it home with you......



Mon 19th Dec 2016


Everyone at Wildlife Calling would like to wish all our friends and supporters a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and all good wishes for 2017.  We thank those who have enabled us by their donations to help the animals and organisations in need, and hope we can do even more in the coming year.



Sat 5th Nov 2016

We have a special offer in our Gift Shop.  Two mugs at a one off price of £10 each + postage.  This offer must close on 9th November 2016.

Do check out these and other items in our shop.

***** Please note - this offer has now closed.  Thank you to everyone who placed an order for these items.



Tue 13th Sep 2016

Hello to all of our fans on this page! We have a wonderful competition for you to get involved in which is going to help us raise money for The Rescued Tigers of Thailand and their on-going care. Below is a picture of a jar of sweets. All you need to do is guess how many sweets are in the jar! It will cost £1 per entry and 100% of your donation will go to help The Rescued Tigers of Thailand. The winner will receive a £10 high street voucher, some of our Wildlife Calling Merchandise, a free ticket to our May event next year where Sybelle herself will be speaking about the Thailand Tigers, as well as other guest speakers, and a VIP pass to speak to the wonderful lady herself before anyone else! To win, you need to guess the exact amount or the closest amount of sweets in the jar.You can make as many guesses as you wish but each will be £1. In the event of a tie the names will be put into a hat and one winner will be drawn. Donations to enter can be made via PayPal: or by post to our founders address which is on our Wildlife Calling Website. Get guessing! 🐾


******  I would just say - this competition is open to everyone, no matter where you live in the world. I know one of the prizes won't be able to apply to you (tickets to our event), but in it's place we will send an extra piece of our merchandise. So I would ask you - please support us. Many thanks

****** Please note - this competition is now closed.  We have an outright winner - Maxine Burlington of Mansfield, Nottingham. She chose number 42 which was the correct answer.    Her prizes will be sent to her shortly,  Thank you to everyone who took part.  Your support is very much appreciated.


News from African Lion & Environmental Research Trust (ALERT)

Wed 6th Jul 2016

David Youldon is going to be leading a new project. It is to monitor elephant presence within the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia, where elephants are increasingly coming into conflict with rural communities. Communites are suffering from the loss of crops and fear for their safety, while elephants are being viewed as unwanted and dangerous pests. Why should these communities want to protect a vulnerable species when it is harming their wellbeing? Before steps can be taken to reduce conflict, it’s vital to understand how and why it is happening. Monitoring the presence and movement of elephants and recording incidents of conflict will provide us with data to assist in the development of improved species management plans and conflict mitigation strategies.   


There are the usual substantial costs to cover for a project like this, vehicle purchase and fuel, staffing, etc, but I’ve also launched a JustGiving page to raise funds for the smaller costs of the equipment necessary to get this off the ground; everything from a pair of night vision binoculars for £350 to a compass for a couple of pounds. It means that with even a small donation, you can help support our work.  Anything you can give will be very much appreciated.


To donate please copy and paste this link to your browser:


UPDATE:    This campaign is still going on.  The elephant monitoring project has started and is going very well, but more funding is still needed for equipment.  If anyone is interested in reading about the progress you can do so by checking out ALERT's website: Country Challenge





Sat 4th Jun 2016



Wildlife Calling are delighted to announce that all of the tigers are out of the Tiger Temple.  For now they are in the DNP facilities where they will be well looked after.  More to come before too long on where they will eventually be housed.  No more abuse or being used for wildlife trading for them.

We would like to congratulate our wonderful Honorary Patron Sybelle Foxcroft for her perseverance over almost ten years for making this happen. She has never given up on the tigers, even though she has received threats to her life, and verbal abuse. She is one amazing lady!!!

All this work takes a lot of funding, so if you can help cee4life then I know that Sybelle would be very grateful.  You can donate on here using the Pay Pal button above.



Sun 10th Apr 2016


Wildlife Calling are hosting a fundraiser on Face Book to help raise much needed funds for cee4life, which is a charity run by our Honorary Patron Sybelle Foxcroft.  It will run until the end of April.

We are very grateful to Rebecca JNgirl Wrotney for setting this up, and to Louise Walker who is hosting the event here in the UK.  These nail wraps are available in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as other countries.

To take part by buying these wonderful nail wraps please copy and paste this link to your browser:

The order page is now open.  You can find it if you copy and paste this link to your browser:

Do please join in and help us raise funds for this wonderful charity.  Or if you don't wish to, then please do think about making a donation.  You can do this on our Pay Pal button above.

Thanking you in anticipation!!!


This fundraiser is now closed.  Many thanks to everyone who took part.


News from the Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit

Sat 9th Apr 2016

We have all been working very hard at the CRRU to raise funds for a new boat for the CRRU charity (as unfortunately our 2 small boats, Ketos and Orca, are now proving too costly to keep running, so time for change).   But we are now struggling to find the outstanding £24k needed to fund the twin Yamaha outboards.  If you are able to help with any donation it would be very much appreciated.  You can do so by clicking on this link:



Sat 12th Mar 2016

A word from Phil Davis of Tiger Awareness:

Just over 3 weeks to go to the start of the Tiger Walk,I will be walking 900 miles, please support the walk and donate, the funds will help our work at Tiger Awareness.You can donate on our website, please also share with friends, thanks to those who have already donated

Do help Phil by mking a donation if you can.



Fri 11th Mar 2016

Like many charities ALERT (AFRICAN LION & ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH TRUST) are always in need of funds.  Please help them if you can.

Many thanks  

(copy and paste this link in your browser)



Sat 6th Feb 2016

7th Match 2016

******PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances we very much regret that we have had to cancel the event on 15th May. Everyone who has bought tickets will be refunded in full, in fact cheques are now in the post. We send our apologies to everyone who was coming along to speak and those who were attending. We hope that we can host an event in the not too distant future when things are more favourable.


Wildlife Calling are delighted to announce a future event.  On Sunday 15th May 2016 our Honorary Patron SYBELLE FOXCROFT of Cee4Life in Australia will be joining us at a very special day and will talk about her wonderful work.

Other confirmed Speakers are:  Phil Davis of Tiger Awareness who will also talk about his work.  And we are delighted that Dominic Dyer, CEO Badger Trust & Policy Advisor to the Born Free Foundation, will be joining us.  Also Julie Lines of the Global White Lions Trust, Philip Mansbridge of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and Louise James from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. We are waiting to hear if any other Speakers are able to come along. And there will be things for young people to do and also Face Painting for any age!!!!

We anticipate it to start about 10.00 am (though it maybe earlier) and finish at 5.30 pm.  The venue is The Conference Centre in Kettering, Northants which is just off the A14 and close to the M1 & M6, 5 minutes from the train station, one hour by train from London, 45 minutes from Birmingham and 30 minutes from Leicester.  More details will be given to you when you email for tickets.  There is free parking in the huge car park. For any planning to come from Europe the closest airport is Birmingham, though Luton is not far away and on the main rail line.

The cost of tickets is:  £16 for Adults, £14 for children under 16 years, students and OAPs. There is no charge for under 5s. ****** (see note below re paying)  This amount includes a ‘lunch bag’ (sandwich, crisps, chocolate etc) and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks during the event.  Please state any dietary needs when booking …e.g. vegetarian etc.   ****** If you prefer not to have to food and drinks then we can offer tickets ONLY at £5 Adults & £3 concessions.  BUT PLEASE NOTE - YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BRING YOUR OWN FOOD/DRINKS IN TO THE VENUE DUE TO THEIR TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Though there is nothing to stop you from having a picnic outside!!!!  There will be a limited amount of tickets, so do send for yours straight away. 

******You will also need to send a stamped addressed envelope for the tickets if you are in the UK please.  They can be paid for via Pay Pal (see our website for the donate button) or by cheque – payable to Wildlife Calling.  PLEASE NOTE:   If paying via Pay Pal then the booking fee will have to be £1.50 due to the charges we have found that they are taking a fee from the amount paid.  

Please email:  asap for more details, or to book your tickets.  Very early booking is advised as we are sure that there will be many people who will wish to come along to meet Sybelle and hear about her work.  Tickets will be acknowledged when payment is received, and then will be posted to you about two months before the day.

We would like to say a huge 'thank you' to Tiger Awareness for their generous donation which has meant that we have been able to bring down the cost of the tickets. We very much appreciate it.

It is shaping up to be an interesting event, so do make sure you book your tickets very soon.

Please note:   If you are planning on coming to the event, please send for your ticket/s well before the middle of March as we have to confirm with the venue by then.  And to do so we need to have sold a certain number of tickets. Many thanks


Links to reports on the Tiger Temple

Fri 22nd Jan 2016

Report by Sybelle Foxcroft of cee4life:

And this report by National Geographic:

Copy and paste these links to your browser


Dover Event

Mon 2nd Nov 2015

If you are in the Dover area of the UK, please do go along to the Charlton Centre between 10 am and 2 pm on Saturday the 14th November where one of the Wildlife Calling team will be selling merchandise and giving information about us.  All proceeds will go towards our work in helping wildlife causes.



Mon 12th Oct 2015

Wildlife Calling are delighted to announce a future event.  On Sunday 15th May 2016 our Honorary Patron SYBELLE FOXCROFT of Cee4Life will be flying over from Australia to join us at a very special day and will talk about her wonderful work. We anticipate it to start about 10.30 am and finish at 5.30 pm.  The venue in Kettering, Northants  is just off the A14 and close to the M1 & M6, 5 minutes from the train station, one hour by train from London, 45 minutes from Birmingham and 30 minutes from Leicester.  More details will be given to you when you email for tickets.  There is free parking there. For any planning to come from Europe the closest airport is Birmingham, though Luton is not far away and on the main rail line.

The cost of tickets is:  £16 for Adults,  £14 for children under 16 years, students and OAPs. ****** (see note below re paying)   This amount includes a ‘lunch bag’ (sandwich, crisps, chocolate etc) and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks during the event.  Please state if you are a vegetarian or not when booking. If you prefer not to have to food and drinks then we can offer tickets ONLY at £5 Adults & £3 concessions.  BUT PLEASE NOTE - YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BRING YOUR OWN FOOD IN TO THE VENUE DUE TO THEIR TERMS AND CONDITIONS. There will be a limited amount of tickets, so do send for yours straight away. 

******You will also need to send a stamped addressed envelope for the tickets if you are in the UK please.  They can be paid for via Pay Pal  (see our website for the donate button) or by cheque – payable to Wildlife Calling.  PLEASE NOTE:   If paying via Pay Pal then the booking fee will have to be £1.50 due to the charges we have found that they are  taking from the amount paid.  

Please email:  asap for more details, or to book your tickets.  Very early booking is advised as we are sure that there will be many people who will wish to come along to meet Sybelle and hear about her work.  Tickets will be acknowledged when payment is received, and then will be posted to you early next year.

We also hope that other charities will be at the event.  We do know that Phil Davis of Tiger Awareness will be with us and will also talk about his work.

********  We are delighted to announce that Dominic Dyer, CEO Badger Trust & Policy Advisor to the Born Free Foundation, will be joining us to talk about his work.

Also coming will be Julie Lines of The Global White Lions Protection Trust, and Philip Mansbridge of IFAW. And Louise James of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust will be joining us.

******  We would like to say a huge thank you to Tiger Awareness for their generous donation which has enabled us to bring down the cost of the tickets.  We very much appreciate it.



Mon 12th Oct 2015

We now have a few new items in our Gift Shop and more will be coming very soon.  Wildlife Calling would like to thank Meri Bautch for donating some of her lovely pictures to us for use on fundraising items.  We very much appreciate her generosity.

Do check out the shop now!!!!!



Sun 16th Aug 2015

Would you please help us with our fundraising by recycling your old mobile phones or ink jet cartridges please?  To receive envelopes please email us at:   with your name and address. Many thanks to those of you who will help us.  We very much appreciate it.




Sat 15th Aug 2015

Wildlife Calling would like to say a huge thank you to Meri Bautch of  MERI'S ART for donating some of her wonderful animal art prints for us to use on future merchandise. We very much appreciate her generosity.  We will be looking into using them on items in the near future.

Do check out Meri on her Face Book page:


News from Daan Kinsbergen

Tue 28th Jul 2015

In January this year we sponsored Daan Kinsbergen to help him go to Borneo to do research on the Orangutans as part of his University degree.  (see below about this)  We are delighted to have received this email from Daan:

"Hi Anita,

I wanted to let you know I finally finished my research report on the orangutan research I did on Borneo. As promised, you can find the report attached to this email. The report was graded with a 8.4. This ment that I graduated my Bachelor Biology with a 8.2 on average (cum laude!)

I would like to thank you and Wildlife Calling once more for all the support you gave me and making this research possible!

Best wishes,

Daan Kinsbergen"

Many Congratulations to Daan on his success from everyone connected with Wildlife Calling.  And we wish him well for the future!!



Sat 6th Jun 2015

We want to hear from children from anywhere in the world, not just the UK.

Tell us what is your favourite wildlife – on land, sea or air – animals, fish, birds, reptiles, plant life or insects.  We want to hear your thoughts on anything concerning these, especially if you are worried about what is happening to some of them.

If you like to draw, then send yours in to us in a photograph that we can put with your article.

We will need your full name (but only your first name will be printed), your age and where you live – town and country only.

If you are a teacher, then we would love to hear from your pupils.  Just send their articles and any drawings (by photo) to us and tell us which school you are from.  They will be put under the name of your school, though we would still like to know the first names of the children as well. Again, this can be from anywhere in the world.

All these should be emailed to:     We look forward receiving your items – get writing and drawing!!!   




Thu 28th May 2015

The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is a new protected forest in India's terai and that is the largest contiguous tiger habitat in the world. Such is crucial for the big cat's continued survival into the decades. The Pilibhit TR are not only home to the majestic tiger , but also a host of other rare or endangered species like the Hispid Hare, Pangolin, Four Horned Antelope, Rusty Spotted Cat , Swamp Francolin , Bengal Florican  and seven species of vulture. Its grassland are home to the beautiful  Swamp deer , Hog deer and migratory One Horned Rhinoceros , Asiatic Elephant . 

Description of TWCS-

Turquoise Wildlife Conservation Society  ( TWCS ) working for environment and wildlife conservation adjoining , Pilibhit Forest Division (PFD ), Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary (KWLS ), Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (DTR) , South Kheri Forest Division (SKFD), North Kheri  Forest Division (NKFD) and Royal Shukla Fanta  Wildlife Sanctuary (RSWS) nepal. TWCS  is a non-profit NGO registered under the Society's Registration Act,  1860. TWCS was established in 2003 with only eleven members (local villagers) with the help of four bicycles  and no other equipments, but at present number of twenty-one  registered members and round about two hundred approx volunteers work with our society in wildlife conservation programmes.


Tiger and other  Wildlife Rescue --

Included is: first control of the all crowd, then  after the villagers and tiger safe, finally expel the tiger to the jungle with use  native guns, cracker, noise, barrel pat  etc.

TWCS working serves to escaped tiger from forests to give back to their natural habitat. The first is the monitoring of stray tigers. Every day we mark the location and description of  damage to the stray tiger. Then try to begin chasing to push back tiger in the forest or natural habitat. Then attempt to use the safety net, noise, fireworks detonate, explode native gun, barrel-knockout to attempt to drive the tiger back in the forest. This effort is successful, when Tiger enters the natural habitat. These include link to the awareness and crowd control in the local people. often cause of these incident  are  principle sugarcane fields.

Awareness----  Education----  Health Camp—


Teacher Salary @ 12 month:

Solar Panel for light:


Tiger manual, Wildlife book's in Hindi or English:



Study books printing:

Caps and T-shirt:

Awareness fund for Wildlife Week

Nature Camp and Contact Class Camp Visit




Mosquito Net



Rain Coat



Temperature Meter


Health Camp

Cattle Camp


Livelihood Support

Man-Animal Conflict free Item

Note : Study centre close 30 April to 30 June for local student

We need this for the next session ( Start in 1st July 2015-16 ):

Small size cage for the rescue bird's, reptile or small size mammals

Wire fence for the boundary

We would be grateful for any help of Small to Large Donations .........

.............Roar for Tiger


Akhtar M Khan


******Wildlife Calling are taking in donations for Turquoise Wildlife Conservation Society (TWCS).  There is a Pay Pal button above right, or our Bank details on the Donate page.  Please make sure you state that your donation is for TWCS.

We thank you in anticipation of any monies sent for this wonderful cause.



Sun 26th Apr 2015

Wildlife Calling are very pleased to announce that a new page for our website will be coming soon.  It will be called ‘ Kids Corner’ and everything on it will be written by children (16 years and under).  So we want to hear from children from anywhere in the world, not just the UK.

Tell us what is your favourite wildlife – on land, sea or air – animals, fish, birds, reptiles, plant life or insects.  We want to hear your thoughts on anything concerning these, especially if you are worried about what is happening to some of them.

If you like to draw, then send yours in to us in a photograph that we can put with your article.

We will need your full name (but only your first name will be printed), your age and where you live – town and country only.

If you are a teacher, then we would love to hear from your pupils.  Just send their articles and any drawings (by photo) to us and tell us which school you are from.  They will be put under the name of your school, though we would still like to know the first names of the children as well. Again, this can be from anywhere in the world.

All these should be emailed to:     We look forward receiving your items – get writing and drawing!!!   



Fri 24th Apr 2015

On Friday 24th April I spent a lovely morning at Titchmarsh Church of England School.  The first part of the morning I gave the bear presentation compiled by the researchers of the Wildlife Research Institute in Ely, Minnesota.  You can check out their work at:   The children enjoyed hearing about the black bears and also the other species of bear and asked many questions.


The second half of the morning I talked about Wildlife Calling and our work.  Also about some of the endangered and extinct species.  The children then spent time making drawings and checking out the bear paw stencils - comparing them with their own hands.  They were surprised at how large bear paws are!!!!


It was a really enjoyable time and I thank the teachers and children for making me feel so welcome.

Anita Smith




Sponsored Walk 2014

Mon 30th Mar 2015

Wildlife Calling would like to say a huge 'thank you' to Sharon Thomson and her nephew Sean Black, along with Shadow their dog,  for raising the super sum of £200 by taking part in a sponsored walk around Edinburgh last year.  We are very grateful to them both.  The money will be put to good use to help a wildlife cause.

                                            sharons dogs



Wed 28th Jan 2015


We are Brad and Julia, two zoologists with a passion for wildlife conservation. During the course of our lives we have had the opportunity to visit many countries around the world. In doing so, however, we noticed one alarming trend everywhere we went. That trend was the destruction of the environment by human activity, often on a very disturbing scale. Seeing these things bothered us so much that we vowed to make a difference for the world's endangered species and the vanishing habitats which they rely upon.

Armed with expertise gained from years of field research and animal husbandry, it is our ambition to partake in a crucial conservation initiative in the Amazon - a part of the world which is losing over 100,000 acres of rainforest a day to deforestation. 70% of Earth's land animals and plants live in forests, and many cannot survive the sheer destruction which destroys their homes. Today, with more species on the verge of extinction than ever before, never has conservation work been more critical.

Once in South America, we will be working closely with established conservation groups, conducting important field research, protecting indigenous land from logging and partaking in survival plans for species that desperately need our help.

However, since this vital expedition would be entirely self-funded and we would not be compensated one penny for the work we do, we still lack the funding to make this initiative a success. The only way it will be possible is by generous individuals like you donating towards our cause.

We firmly believe that the only thing worth truly doing in life is leaving the world a better place from having been here. If you care about the natural world and want to help make a difference, we sincerely hope you'll consider supporting us. To learn more, please visit our page at


Wildlife Calling are pleased to sponsor Brad and Julia (Small Wild Cats) in their venture.  We firmly believe in the education of our wildlife, so this field research will be very valuable.  Please do help them if you can.  Thank you.

You can find Small Wild Cats on Face Book via this link:



Tue 13th Jan 2015


"Hi Nature Lovers! I'm Daan Kinsbergen, a Biology student from the Netherlands. This spring I will be conducting a study on the relationship between forest structure and Orangutan densities on Borneo. The results will give us a better understanding of their habitat preference, which can make it easier to indicate certain forest areas as especially important for conservation so we can save the Orangutan from extinction.

To make this happen I will need your help! If you click on the following link you can read all about my research and why your help is so much needed. (!/projects/orang-oetans-en-hun-bos-conservation-onderzoek). All donations to this research will be much appreciated, especially by the Orangutans! Thank you so much"

Wildlife Calling are glad to help promote Daan's work under our remit of Education.  We will be sending him a small donation.  Please help him if you can.

Many thanks.



Daan left for his research trip to Borneo last Sunday, 23rd February.  We send him our good wishes and look forward to hearing about it in due course.


Daan has sent some photos to us.They are from the Danau Girang Field Centre in the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary in Sabah, Malaysia where he is doing his research.

He said he doesn't see many Orangutans in the forest, but sometimes does around the Centre where he is staying.

In the first photo Daan is tagging trees in his botanical plots which he makes to asses the forest structure. The second is a black backed kingfisher.


                            These next photos are of some of the orangutans that Daan has seen:





Sat 3rd Jan 2015

As 2015 starts, we begin to look forward to what we can achieve and who we can help this year.  Although we are about education, and try to put interesting items on here, we do get asked for monetary help.  And already we have received a request for financial help.  Our main problem re this is our funds are very low.  We had very little coming in last year and had to limit who we actually could help.  (You can see here to whom we sent funds)  Most of what we have comes from our own fundraising at local fetes, but they are few and far between.

So we are asking for your help.  Please think about making a donation to us, no matter how large or small  – even £1 / $1 will be of help.  And if you are a UK taxpayer, then if you fill in our Gift Aid Form, then we can claim back 25% of your donation.  The form can be found here as can our Pay Pal button at the top right hand side..

We take NO monies out for Admin or personal expenses – every pound/dollar that is donated is used to help the causes who need it.  So please do think about making a donation. 

Or there is a small Gift Shop, shown here on the tab above, if you prefer to help by buying something.  If some interest is shown to it, then we will think about putting more items on it, but are just seeing how this goes for now.

Thank you for coming to our website.  We hope you have found it of interest.  It is due to be updated with new items very soon. so do keep checking back.  





Sun 14th Dec 2014

Cee4life - Melani

To honour a most wonderful brave Tiger that we all were so very blessed to have walk this earth and know, Cee4life has officially opened the "Melani Legacy Foundation" in memory of this beautiful Tiger girl. Melani's Legacy Foundation will work as a catalyst to go on and help the many other animals that are out in the world in need aid, rescue or protection, whether they are wild or captive, and for the ongoing humanity education to humans that is so vitally needed. Please support us as we walk forward into 2015.

Merry Christmas beloved Mel, you live forever in our hearts, we will always love you and we will never forget you, we will Never Give Up xox ~ Cee4life

Wildlife Calling are very pleased to support cee4life.  Donations can be made to them via us. Please make sure that you state that any donations are for them. And if you are a UK taxpayer please fill in our Gift Aid form, which you can find on this page.  That way your donation will go even further.  Thank you.



Mon 17th Nov 2014


Buy your raffle tickets and help us to give our rescued bears a happy, healthy new life at Wildwood.

Raffle tickets are now available to buy from the Wildwood Shop or by calling 01227 712 111.

Tickets are £1 each - the prize draw will be held at Wildwood's free Festive Fete on 13th December.

Grand prize list:

Star prize: 2 Eurostar tickets to Paris, Brussels or Lille.

Many more prizes including:

Wildwood Keeper for a Day, Wildwood Bear Talk, Wildwood Meet An Owl Session, Wildwood Night Tour, Wildwood Bear Adoption, Wildwood Photo Day, Lunch at the Abode Restaurant, Canterbury Family Ticket to Leeds Castle, Tickets for 4 to Hever Castle, 10 x Paintball tickets (nationwide), Marisa Griffiths Reflexology Session, 2 Bottles of Biddenden Vineyards Cider, Hornby Scalextric Set, Family Ticket to Beauty & The Beast Pantomime: Theatre Royal Margate, Family Ticket to Eagle Heights Bird of Prey Centre, Ferry Crossing to France with DFDS Seaways, £25 voucher for Kippys Pottery... and more to be announced.

Tickets are £1 and all proceeds go towards giving our rescued bears the new life they deserve.

*****  You can also buy tickets online using this link:

***** This raffle is now closed.  You can see who the winners are by going to Wildwood's website.



Sun 16th Nov 2014


All across Africa, poaching is threatening the continent’s most iconic species and natural beauty

Every 15 minutes, an African elephant is slaughtered to supply the demand for ivory. Capable of feelings of love and compassion, poaching is devastating one the world’s most intelligent species.

Malawi - the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ - is being hit hard by poaching but, as one of the continent’s poorest countries, it is ill-equipped to tackle the problem. Facing experienced armed fighters, local rangers are risking their lives in the nation’s war against poaching. But it is a war that can be won. ALERT, in partnership with Malawi’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife and Chengeta Wildlife, is committed to providing the best anti-poaching training possible to equip rangers with the skills needed to stop poachers in their tracks.

Please help us to preserve Africa’s wildlife and natural heritage. A small amount of funding can really make a difference.

Here’s what your donation will achieve:

           £2.50 will provide a local ranger with a free copy of A Field Manual for Anti-Poaching Activities

           £430 will fund a day’s training for a team of rangers to equip them with the skills needed to fight the war against poaching


Please donate at:



Sun 5th Oct 2014


Wildlife Calling is holding a fundraiser for the Hope Learning Center and the Northwoods Ecology Hall at the North American Bear Center in Ely, MN, USA from 14thSeptember until the end of October.

The mission of the non-profit North American Bear Center is to advance the long-term survival of bears worldwide by replacing misconceptions with scientific facts about bears, their role in ecosystems, and their relations with humans.

The NABC is home to four Ambassador black bears, Ted, Honey, Lucky & Holly. They can be seen on our live cams at

You can support their mission by making a donation using the Pay Pal button above right.  And the 'Donate' tab above will show you other ways that you can donate. Please make sure that you state that your donation is for ‘The Hope Learning Center. ( NB ……. Pay Pal does make a small charge on each donation, so if you would pay the ‘gateway fee’ then the whole amount that you donate will reach us). For that we thank you.

Everyone who donates £25/$40 or more will receive a photo of one of the Ambassador Bears at NABC – Ted, Honey, Lucky or Holly. The photo will be chosen at random. Each will be signed by Dr Lynn Rogers, Chief Biologist and founder.

For those who donate £50/$80 or more, you will receive a signed photo and a ‘Black Bear Strong’ bracelet.

People donating £25/$40 - £50/$80 or more should email Wildlife Calling with their home address. Our email is: Every donation will be acknowledged by us.

******For those who are UK taxpayers, could I ask that you fill in the Gift Aid form on our website (under the Pay Pal button). Then we can claim 25% of your donation back which will make it go further. Many thanks.

Wildlife Calling thanks everyone who makes a donation. And we promise that every pound/dollar will go to the Hope Learning Center and the Northwoods Ecology Hall. Not a penny will go towards Admin purposes.


This fundraiser is now closed.  Huge thanks go to everyone who has donated.  Wildlife Calling really appreciate your support. Those who qualified for the signed photos and bracelets will be receiving them in the post in due course. A total of £650 was raised and the money has now been sent to North American Bear Center for the Hope Learning Center & Northwoods Ecology Hall.  And all the photos and bracelets have now been sent to those who qualified for them.






Sat 4th Oct 2014


On a very wet Saturday Terry, Marlene and Anita travelled to London to join in the Global march for Elephants & Rhinos.  However, the rain couldn't dampen the enthusiasm of everyone there to get across the message of the plight of these magnificent animals.

There were excellent and passionate speeches from Nicky Campbell, tv presenter,  Ian Redmond, conservationist, Dominic Dyer from Care for the Wild and Simon Jones of Helping Rhinos.  They were all cheered on by the superb crowd of people there.

                                                Nicky Campbell

We met some really lovely like-minded people. And then adjourned to a nearby pub for refreshments and chats.  All in all a very inspiring day!!


                                 The following photographs are by the kind permission of Rob Hill:

             Nicky Campbell                                 Ian Redmond                              Dominic Dyer

                                                 Some of the people marching through London






Tue 2nd Sep 2014


 We at Wildlife Calling are so very sad and sorry to hear that the lovely tiger Melani has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. And we salute our dear friend and Honorary Patron Sybelle for all she did for Melani. Without Sybelle, Melani wouldn't have spent her last days in a far happier place. It was always obvious from the photos that she loved Sybelle - you could see it in her demeanour. Thank you Sybelle for all you did for this lovely tiger. We will never forget her.




Wed 30th Jul 2014

On 4 October 2014 cities all over the world will march as one voice in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos to draw attention to the crisis facing these two species and to call for an end to the ivory and rhino horn trade that is pushing them rapidly towards extinction.

This march will be the biggest international event ever held to save our planet’s vanishing wildlife, with the focus on the endangered elephants and rhinos. To date, with over 100 cities globally participating, with the support and sponsorship of many corporations, organizations, and celebrities from all walks of life.

Among the groups are Born Free (Will Travers will be publicising the march on his climb of Mt Kilimanjaro on the day), Care for the Wild, Wildlife SOS, Amboseli Elephant Trust, Elephants without Boarders, The Rhino Orphange, Helping Rhinos and many more; and well-known people who have pledged their support include Richard Branson, Ian Botham, Stephen Fry, Bill Bailey, Joanna Lumley, and Nicky Campbell.

Who is organizing the Global March and what are its aims?

Essentially the march organizers are an international group of concerned people who recognize that wildlife crime is driving species such as elephants and rhinos– among many others – toward extinction in our lifetimes. We have come together from many different countries, groups and walks of life to unite as one global voice on October 4th. Our chief aims are to spread awareness about the crisis and to put pressure on governments (of range, transit and consumer countries) to address wildlife crime and put into effect urgently needed legislation to help stamp this out.

To this end, each city participating in the march will deliver ‘Memorandums of Demand’ to the embassies of the main 8 countries implicated in the trade, asking for specific measures to save these species and end the bloody trade in ivory and rhino horn.

Furthermore we aim to raise public awareness in Asia to make the public and governments in that region more acutely aware of the poaching crisis in Africa and their role in perpetuating it.

Along with the marches across the world, the event will spread awareness through social media as well as through television news networks.

As you know, the poaching of elephants and rhinos has surged to unprecedented levels in recent years, fuelled by the insatiable demand for ivory and rhino horn from mainly China and Vietnam. The annual toll of elephant deaths is estimated at 35,000-52,000. With so few elephants left (some estimates put the figure as low as 250,000 for the entire African continent), and with such a slow reproductive cycle, the outlook is very bleak. Unless we take action NOW to stop the killing, it will be too late to save elephants –they will vanish from the wild forever, in less than 10 years.

The picture is equally bleak for rhinos. A rhino is poached every 9-11 hours; over 1,000 rhinos were poached last year alone, compared to just 13 in 2007. There are only around 24,000 rhinos left in the world. If the rate of killing continues to rise, rhinos too will face extinction within the decade.

The Global March in October calls for urgent concerted action to be taken on all levels to save these highly intelligent, emotionally sentient, socially complex species who have roamed the earth for millions of years. Now they face an industrial-scale onslaught from poachers using AK-47s, mass poisoning, grenades, snares, night-vision equipment, and helicopter gunships to indiscriminately wipe out entire herds at a time.

This is a war, and the elephants and rhinos need you on their side if they are to survive. 

Wildlife Calling will be joining the march in London.  Please come along to show your support.  To find out more please go to the links below:      Also on Face Book



Tue 15th Jul 2014

We are delighted to announce that our Gift Shop is now open for business!!!!  More items will be added very soon.  We would like to say a huge 'thank you' to our web master, Rich, for the hard work he has put in to get it up and running. To view it just click on the link above!!



Sat 12th Jul 2014

We had an enjoyable time at Mawsley Village Fete.  The weather was really hot which brought crowds of people to the event.


We would like to thank everyone who came along to support us and made it a succesful one for Wildlfe Calling.



New Personel in Wildlife Calling

Sat 28th Jun 2014

We are sad to report that our Chair, Isobel McCreadie, has had to step down due to pressure of work.  We thank Izzy for all she has done for Wildlife Calling since its' concept and wish her well for the future.

A short meeting was held on the 27th June 2014 to appoint a new Chair.  The following are the new appointments:  Theresa Poulter has stepped up to become Chair,  and Jan Breeze is now Treasurer, the position Terry formerly held.  We thank them both for agreeing to take these positions.



Sat 21st Jun 2014

Wildlife Calling are delighted to announce that Shelley Lozano has joined our 'family'  as our Honorary Ambassador.  Shelley is well known as a radio presenter for Voice Fm, an entertainer, author, and speaker.


                             photo courtesy of Voice Fm

Shelley also founded the Big Cat Conservation charity, and is very supportive of other wildlife charities.



Sat 21st Jun 2014

On Saturday 12th July Wildlife Calling will once again be at Mawsley Village fete near to Kettering.  We will be doing some fundraising and also raising awareness of our endangered wildlife.  It takes place between 2 pm and 6 pm, so if you are in that area do come along and see us.



Wed 4th Jun 2014


Dear Friends, I would like to ask you to take 3 minutes to take action on an issue that’s close to my heart and that I hope will touch yours too.

As most of you know I have been a volunteer with the Global White Lion Protection Trust in South Africa for 8 years and recently have set up an organisation for them in the UK which is currently being registered as an official UK charity.

We have just launched our first awareness and fundraising campaign called ‘Roaring for Freedom’.

We’re blessed to have actor Jerome Flynn (star of Game of Thrones and BBC’s Ripper Street) as a celebrity patron and Jerome recently joined me on a 16 day trip to South Africa where we spent time with the White Lions of Timbavati.

Lions are threatened with extinction. How would it feel for you if they no longer walked this earth?

White lions are almost extinct in the wild and golden lion populations have been decimated - 90% have been wiped out in the last 50 years and if something isn't done lions could die out in the wild in LESS THAN 10 years.

All conservation issues are GLOBAL issues. As humans we need to feel and acknowledge the depth of our responsibility to be wise guardians of our planet. This campaign is about finding our lionhearts to protect and care for our world and remind ourselves that we are not superior but merely a part of all creation.

Please take action and know that TOGETHER we can make a difference. Click on this link to share Jerome’s heartfelt plea to humanity

THANK YOU so much for caring

Tracey van den Brand

UK Office

Global White Lions Protection Trust




Tue 13th May 2014

An enjoyable and educational day was had on Sunday 11th May at the Conservation Day. Thank you to all those people who came along to share it with us. We hope that you too had a good day.

Special thanks must go to our speakers who were all so inspirational.

To Adam & Jo from the Northants Monkey Sanctuary,


To Angela & Ann from the Leicester Wildlife Hospital,


To Phil Davis from Tiger Awareness,


To Judy & Annie from Animals Asia,


To Julie Lines from the Global White Lions Protection Trust,


To Lucy McRobert from the Rutland Osprey Project,


And a big thank you to the 'team' from Wildlife Calling for coming along to help and support.


                  Carol & Anita                          Ann & Terry                         Sam & Sarah

Some of the children who came along enjoyed taking part in the colouring competition  which was won by:


                                                               Polly Manley

Tiger Awareness held a raffle to win a cuddly tiger which was won by:


                                                              George Murphy

Some more photographs of the day:




 Evelyn Clawson from Brambleside showing off the lovely work done by children from local schools.



Sun 11th May 2014

You are invited to a CONSERVATION DAY on Sunday 11th May 2014 from 11.00 am until 4.00 pm at Brambleside Community Primary School in Kettering.

There is NO CHARGE for this event, though everyone will need a ticket.  If you are unable for any reason to get a ticket then do just turn up.  No one will be turned away.  All Families, Groups and Teachers are very welcome.

Speakers include representatives from Animals Asia, who rescue the bile bears, also cats and dogs in that area.


And Phil Davis of Tiger Awareness who will talk and show films of his work with the tigers and communities in India.


Also coming along are the Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital and representatives from the Northamptonshire Monkey Sanctuary. We will  have a showcase of endangered species work by several local schools. And  Lucy McRobert of the Osprey Project at Rutland Water will also be joining us to talk about her work.

 For the children:   Face Painting and a colouring competition

For more information or to book tickets, please email:  

We are delighted to announce another speaker to our event:  Julie Lines of the Global White Lions Protection Trust will now be joining us.



Sat 22nd Feb 2014

100 elephants are brutally slaughtered in Africa per day for their ivory tusks. With some estimates for populations on the continent standing as low as 250,000, the current rate of poaching is expected to drive the species to extinction within less than ten years….


                                                               Photo courtesy of Amboseli.

This elephant was saved and went on to have a baby who later died of natural causes.  Sadly she was  poached soon afterwards.


The ‘Walk With Rangers’ (WWR) initiative is a sponsored 350km walk from Arusha, Tanzania to Nairobi, Kenya to raise funds to combat the horrific realities of wildlife poaching in the area ( The project was founded by Raabia Hawa, a media personality in Kenya and Honorary Warden for the Kenya Wildlife Service - see her moving plea here

Although there are some anti-poaching measures in place in Kenya, the elephants that wander over the border into Tanzania are being injured or slaughtered en masse – 30 elephants per day are killed in Tanzania alone! There is an insufficiency of vets in Tanzania who are failing to respond to the crisis. Wounded elephants, with the poachers’ bullets or spears sometimes still imbedded in their flesh, are suffering and dying slow and agonising deaths. Many of them could be saved by a vet. As an immediate priority, the project aims to get two mobile veterinary units into Tanzania. Long term goals include anti-poaching and research units.

Please donate to this vital and urgent project to save Tanzania’s herds from annihilation. You can do so through the Wildlife Calling website (, specifying WWR as the beneficiary in the 'purpose' field. Thank you!


Conservation Outreach Road Trips - CORT

Sat 8th Feb 2014

Nirmal U Kulkarni

Herpetologist and Wildlife Photographer.

Member, Goa State Wildlife Advisory Board.

6 Hiru Naik Bldg, Dhuler, Mapusa, Goa- 403507, India.

February 8, 2014


Wildlife Calling,

Subject :  Appeal for support towards my ‘Conservation Outreach Road Trips’ initiative

Dear Wildlife Calling Patrons and supporters,

I am undertaking rapid ‘Conservation Outreach Road trips’, through forest areas across Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra in the year 2014.

The first of many Road trips was from 31st January to 3rd Feb 2014 where we traversed 400 plus km across prime Western Ghats forests and met with grassroots people and wildlife conservationists, field staff etc.

The primary aim of these Rapid road trips is to identify, motivate and engage with grass roots activists and conservationists whose silent work needs to be appreciated and further strengthened. We will stay at home stays and camps, document local cuisine as well as produce and customs…and of course the biodiversity of the region.

Another purpose is to provide these identified individuals, groups and teams with basic equipment, field guides, first aid kits and share experiences about conservation as well as eco tourism.

While every trip will have a photographer, a writer and researcher accompanying me, the trip will ensure that a detailed report and reality check is done on field issues that concern the forests of these states.

And finally of course, with the help of images, video shoots and journal entries and sketches, we will generate stories for popular as well as scientific interest.

I write to you to seek your help. Let me know if you will be willing to support/ can help in this. It will make a big difference.  I assure you that the road trips are one of a kind initiative for this region and will support conservation in a big way.

We need support for fuel, equipment costs as well as basic funds for field guides etc. for local conservation teams. If there is any other way you can think of or have done similar support to anyone in the past do let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request. Please contact me by email or phone if you have any questions



Member, Goa State Wildlife Advisory Board

Carl Zeis Awardee 2011

RBS Earth Hero ‘Inspire’ Awardee 2013.

Additional links





             The photos above show Nirmal and his team giving first aid and in discussions with the locals.

If you would like to help with this worthy cause you can do so via Wildlife Calling.  Please make sure you put 'CORT' with your donation so we know where it is to go.  There is a Pay Pal button above, or go to our 'Donate' page for other options.


Fund Raisers

Tue 31st Dec 2013

On Saturday 26th October we once again had a table in the Newlands Shopping Centre in Kettering.  We had a good day with much support from the people of the area.

Then on 18th December we attended a local school's fete for more fund raising. We work alongside their Eco/Conservation club who donated half of their takings to Wildlife Calling, for which we are most grateful.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us on both days.



Mon 28th Oct 2013

Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Branton, Doncaster have launched an appeal to rescue Yupi, a polar bear from her awful conditions in a zoo in Mexico and bring her to Yorkshire. The Park plan to give her an enclosure with caves to hide in, plants and a deep cold lake. She has had none of this where she has been since she was captured as a young cub. It was thought that hunters killed her mother.


                                                photo from the Daily Mirror newspaper.

The Park hope to raise £150,000 - so if you can help with a donation then please do.  There is a link to their website and Face Book page on the right of here, under 'Affiliate Links'.




Sat 19th Oct 2013

Our Honorary Patron, Sybelle, is in Thailand at the moment visiting Melanie the Tiger at her new home, Taman Safari Bogor.  Melanie was very ill in her former home, Surabaya Zoo, where she and the other animals had been fed cheap meat, which turned out to be poisoned.

          Melanie now is on a special diet.   

In Sybelle's words:     

Melani gets fed 3 times per day and she is eating really, really well. However, she is very fussy! It takes about 1 hour to feed her and today she had minced chicken covered with the Hills AD formula. She loves the Hills AD formula and would eat only that if she was able to, so the staff are extremely patient with her and cover her chicken with some of the formula to entice her to eat the meat too. When that fails, some red meat is given while putting the formula and chicken in her mouth!!  It takes time and dedication to care for this lovely girl. Everything counts and if you could donate towards her care it would be greatly appreciated. Melani  doesn’t just get the formula, she has on going medication to aid her internal organs to digest properly and function properly, additionally she gets her hemoglobin supliments and we're trying to get her a few items of enrichment. If you can help please go to Wildlife Calling Charity, for any donations, or else please contact Sybelle or Donna via the Cee4life website.   Thank you for any help


And this is Melanie as she is now - starting to look so much better, though she still has a long way to go.  She will need to be on this special diet for life.


We at Wildlife Calling are very proud of Sybelle and the wonderful work that she does, and we are very pleased to be associated with her and cee4life - especially with this appeal to help Melanie.  So please do donate if you can - this is an ongoing appeal. With your donation please state that it is for Melanie.

Thank you.  Anita         

****** Please note:  With any donations via Pay Pal, they take out a small fee (special cost as we are a charity) before it gets to us.  And then there are Bank charges when the money is sent to where it is intended.  Wildlife Calling have paid some of these fees so the whole amount, less Pay Pal fees, goes to cee4life.  But we are not always able to do this as we have extremely few donations coming direct for us. At the moment we are unable to do this due to our own funds being very low. You may like to bear this in mind when donating.  Many thanks.





Tue 13th Aug 2013

As the human population increases at an alarming rate, the flora and fauna faces total danger hence those who have the passion for nature must stand to protect and conserve it. Maasai Wildlife Voices, a group formed by young Maasai conservationists, is doing all it can to reach people and community to protect the environment and put pressure to stop poaching of all wildlife.


Maasai have been known to co-exist with wild animals for many decades.  90% of Kenya wildlife is found in Maasai territory, in recent time we have witnessed a lot of poaching in this area, hence we came together to raise the awareness with our community not to allow poachers in the villages or aid anyone who looks suspicious and not well known to the community.

Human/wildlife conflict has been on the rise in all parts of Kenya which has led to retaliation from the affected families. Maasai Wildlife Voices has been trying to mitigate many cases to save Elephants, Lions, Cheetah, Leopard and Hyenas from being killed by communities when they attack their animals or when their farms have been destroyed. We take pride when we save animals.

School going children are the future of wildlife and we take them as paramount to our course, planning to have more workshops concerning conservation in all schools around and within the national game reserve.


We are pleased to inform you all that we are gaining ground despite the vast areas we need to cover hence we asked for any assistant that will propel our goals and vision to eradicate and stop poaching in Kenya.

Attached here are some photos of our work.                       



Maasai Wildlife Voices.

Lerionka has funded this work himself.  Please make a donation to help the Maasai people and the Wildlife.You can do so via Wildlife Calling - please make sure you put your name + Maasai Wildlife Voices, or Maasai WV so we know where you wish the money to go. There is a Pay Pal button above, and other details of how to donate on our 'Donate' page.  Many thanks - Anita



Sun 11th Aug 2013

You will already know that we have been trying to get retrospective planning permission for The Wolf Centre at our current location at Newberry Farm in Combe Martin for a couple of years. After our first application was refused last October, we submitted a re-application in spring this year. In talks with the council recently we have been informed that this application has been recommended for refusal once again, and additionally advised that any appeal is likely to be unsuccessful - for this reason we have now withdrawn our application.

So the sad news is that we will be moving away from Combe Martin, although no new location has been chosen as yet, we are looking for areas outside of North Devon. Despite the fantastic support we have received from the many members of the public, the continued negativity that we have encountered through neighbours and the stressful burden of the application process that has been laid on the staff at The Wolf Centre has been growing, this stress has taken its toll on our animals too who pick up on the atmosphere and the feelings of their keepers. For this reason we have made the proactive decision to move forward positively to a new location where we are welcomed, and where the local authorities are more inclined to support a unique centre such as ours.

The time scale of our big move is not yet known, although we don't anticipate this will be a quick progression as the welfare, safety and security of the animals is, of course, our priority. You can book to visit the centre throughout the rest of August, and our courses during the autumn will still take place at our current location, apart from this we will be busy preparing for the big move.

Thanks for your support, from all at The Wolf Centre

Shaun Ellis, The Wolf Centre, Newberry Farm, Woodlands, Combe Martin, Devon EX34 0AT, UNITED KINGDOM



Tue 16th Jul 2013

On Saturday Wildlife Callings' team had a table at Mawsley Village fete in Northamptonshire.  It was a very hot day, but we were pleased to be in the marquee at the open side with a nice breeze blowing in.


It was a fairly succesful day, with the finger puppets being very popular with the young children, also the cuddly toys. And good to meet so many people who stopped by.

Huge thanks to everyone who came along and supported us - it is very much appreciated.



Fri 28th Jun 2013

Wildlife Calling will be at Mawsley fete in Northamptonshire on Saturday 13th July.  So if you are in the area do come along to see and support us. Apart from Tombola prizes we are raffling a Limited Edition print by the well known wildlife artist Eric Wilson, and signed by him.  We also have lots of goodies for the little ones to buy.  All we raise will go to help us to help wildlife causes. Hope to see you there!



Somerset's Wildlife Under Threat

Mon 3rd Jun 2013

report by Simon Angear

Somerset’s wildlife is disappearing at an ‘alarming rate’, according to the results of a groundbreaking new study.

Scientists from leading nature and conservation organisations have worked side-by-side to compile the most detailed ‘stock-take’ of British wildlife ever recorded.

And the State Of Nature coalition – comprising Somerset Wildlife Trust, the RSPB, Buglife and Butterfly Conservation – has concluded that Somerset’s wildlife is ‘in serious trouble’.

The group says ”The report is a wake-up call for all of us.  The state of nature is in decline, the pressures it faces are growing, and our responses are not ambitious enough.

“This matters because our current and future health and happiness is dependant on nature through the many free services it provides.

“And it matters because we have a moral responsibility to live in harmony with the species with which we share this planet.

“There must be a step change in the way we tackle this problem – all parts of society have a role to play”

So while the survey’s headlines make gloomy reading for nature lovers, the report goes on to offer hope for the future, and encourages us all to help halt the decline.

Sir David Attenborough is fronting the campaign, and has called upon Somerset residents to support Britain’s vanishing national habitats and species.

He said: “For 60 years I have travelled the world exploring the wonders of nature and sharing that wonder with the public.  But as a boy my first inspiration came from discovering the UK’s own wildlife.

“Our islands have a rich diversity of habitats which support some truly amazing plants and animals.  We should all be proud of the beauty we find on our own doorstep.

“This groundbreaking report is a stark warning – but it is also a sign of hope.

“We have in this country a network of passionate conservation groups supported by millions of people who love wildlife.

“The experts have come together to highlight the amazing nature we have around us and to ensure that it remains here for generations to come.”

The State Of Nature report says 60 percent of the species studied have declined in recent years, while more than one in 10 is under threat of extinction.

In Somerset, species native to farmland, woodland, lowland grassland and heathland, upland, fresh water and wetland, coastal, and marine territories are under threat.

Buglife’s Somerset spokesman said: “Somerset supports incredible wildlife riches, but the county is not immune from the pressures that have affected our wildlife elsewhere.

“Our wildlife is in serious trouble.  In Somerset, habitat destruction has led to the extinction of the large marsh grasshopper and many of our bee species are struggling to survive in an increasingly degraded countryside.”

However, areas of hope are also identified, with habitat restoration works under way and some species showing signs of supported recovery, including otter on the Somerset Levels and the large blue butterfly on the Polden Hills.

A Somerset spokesman for the RSPB said: “Somerset is a diverse county with a wide range of special places, but like never before its wildlife is under threat..

“But there’s hope.  In Somerset both common cranes and large blue butterflies have been reintroduced and bitterns flourish in the Avalon Marshes.

“We know what needs doing, we just need more support to do more.”

Simon Nash, chief executive of Somerset Wildlife Trust, said: “It is time for us to take action to save nature and we are calling on people to give their support.

“To bring nature back we need the support of all those who have an interest in living and working in this wonderful county.

“Nature is being lost but we can turn things around.

“We can all do something for nature, whether it is volunteering on a nature reserve, surveying species, making wildlife-friendly gardens, supporting campaigns or by becoming a member of a conservation charity.

“The task at times is a daunting one but we, our members and volunteers believe that Somerset’s diversity is worth fighting for.”

To find out more about how you can get involved with Somerset Wildlife Trust, log on to


What is causing the decline in Somerset’s native wildlife?

Climate change – Minor fluctuations in temperature or rainfall can have a significant impact on plants and animals.

Fragmentation – Many natural habitats have been fragmented into smaller ghettos, restricting movement and breeding opportunities.

Farming changes – More intensive farming practices have swallowed up many hedgerow and meadow habitats.

Development – Roads and housing continue to ‘close the noose’ around once rich wildlife habitats.

Non-native species – More than 2,000 foreign species are now established in the UK – and 15 per cent of them are harmful to native flora and fauna.

Disease – Tree populations in particular have suffered, but many amphibians are now under threat from virulent new infections.

Nitrogen – Chemical fertiliser helps grow our food – but taints many natural habitats and stifles wildlife.

Loss of traditional skills – Somerset’s farms and woods were managed by hand and horse for centuries – but dwindling skills have had a negative impact.

Animals and Insects:

Somerset is home to seven ‘globally threatened species’ including the large blue butterfly and common eel.

Many rare species – including the otter, dormouse and stag beetle are found here.

Of 17 conservation priority mammal species in the UK, 14 of them are found in Somerset.

Pearl bordered and high brown fritillary butterflies, and large marsh grasshopper all recently became extinct in Somerset.

There are fears for the future of the mistletoe marble moth due to a 60 per cent reduction of traditional Somerset orchards.


Somerset is an internationally important habitat for many wetland species and wintering birds, including bittern, great white egret, bewick’s swan and marsh harrier.

There were 153 breeding pairs of whinchats in Somerset 35 years ago.  They are now extinct.

Ring ouzel, cirl bunting, and corn bunting; extinct in Somerset since 2002, 2001 and 2000 respectively.

Lapwing populations have declined by more than 75 per cent in 35 years, they are now found almost exclusively in nature reserves.

There has been a 60 per cent decline in the population of wood warblers.

Oystercatcher and ringed plover have seen 80 per cent reduction in Somerset populations since the 1970s.


160 of the UK’s 212 conservation priority plants can be found in Somerset.

Carnivorous great sundew plant, bog rosemary and golden hair lichen, a UK priority species, are all now extinct in Somerset.

Corn buttercup and shepherd’s needle – formerly common in Somerset, now ‘critically endangered’.

One in four flowering heathland plants, 13 per cent of coastal plants, 10 per cent of wetland plants, and 11 per cent of woodland plants are at risk of extinction.



Thank you from Five Sisters Zoo

Wed 15th May 2013

The Team at Wildlife Calling were delighted to receive this acknowledgement this morning from Five Sisters Zoo in West Calder, Scotland for the donation made in the aftermath of the awful recent fire when they lost so many of their animals. We were pleased to be able to join many other people to help in this way.  We wish them all the very best for the future and hope they soon recover from this tragedy.




Fri 26th Apr 2013

The Guardian Project is Cee4life's main and ongoing project which focuses on the protection and conservation of Tigers, Lions and the species which they umbrella (meaning without the Apex predators their existence would be seriously jeopardized if not ended)... and the environment in which they live which includes the human populations, villagers. It’s going to take the world and an army to make this possible.

Please Help Cee4life and donate to: or contact us via email for sponsorship or other ways you might be able to help on our contact page -

For more information please go to Cee4life's website and "Project" tab to Guardian Project - or join us at FB Guardian Project page (


Sybelle Foxcroft left on 20th April and is at the moment in Thailand at the start of this mammoth project. While there she visited the Elephant Nature Park in Chaing Mai.  From there she moves on to India.  We will try to keep you updated with what she is doing.


This Guardian Project is going to take a lot of funding so if you can help then please send your donation through us – Wildlife Calling.  There is a Pay Pal button on the left and our Bank details on the ‘Donate’ page.  Please make sure that you put your name and GP with the donation.  And if you are a British Tax payer, then please fill in a Gift Aid form and send it to us – this will make your donation go even further.

This project will not only help the animals, but also the people.  You can read more about it further down this page. Thank you for your support.




Mon 18th Feb 2013

cee4life CEO Sybelle Foxcroft has been accepted as a delegate at the CoP 16 CITES meeting in Bangkok. Due to protocols with CITES there are a lot of fees and costs to get there and have a speaking role.

Urgent donations are needed by 26th February, please go to charity:-    Big or small, all donations are greatly appreciated. Donna ~ cee4life Admin/Research



Updated 3rd March 2013 -

CITES - Sadly, I was unable to raise the funds needed to get me to CITES. I got the position, the endorsement from Australian Government, but couldnt get the funds. I intended to speak for the Mara Cubs, the Temple Tigers, and liaise and make contacts ...for the Guardian Project. It wasnt meant to be this time.... So, for those that donated, if its ok with you I will put the funds into the Guardian Project for the Tigers. If not I will refund. But I will continue to speak VERY loud, so that it doesnt matter that I didnt get to CITES, they will hear, one way or another. If there is one thing I have learnt, never loose heart, never be crushed, and Never Give Up - Sybelle xoxo




Mon 4th Feb 2013

Across the world, numerous species are heading to extinction because of human/animal conflict, loss of habitat and prey species and poaching.  Cee4life developed a project in 2011 where a 3 tiered program encompassing  1. Education with the potential for economic growth and villager incentives, 2. Wildlife protection/rescue/relocation units, and 3. Training in various sustainable living techniques for the people living in and around the forests of India.

The Apex predators are an extremely vital link in our ecosystem. Without them, imbalance is caused to such a degree, that it eventually negatively  effects the human population.

This project focus's on the Tigers, Lions and the species which they umbrella (meaning without the Apex predators their existence would be seriously jeopardized if not ended), and the environment in which they live.


The Bengal Tigers of India face massive threats including, poaching, habitat loss, human encroachment, loss of prey species, and due to the habitat loss and human encroachment they face human/animal conflict. This human/animal conflict has increased immensely in recent times. In the first stage of the Guardian Project, Cee4life is going to try and ease this situation of human/animal conflict.

Stage 1

In order to help protect the animals, we must help the people. That is fact. Villagers occupy immense areas of habitat, in and around the forests. They need the forests for fuel for their cooking, food, building items, water sources etc. To ease this constant intrusion into the forests/animals habitat, Cee4lifis striving to offer aid, incentives and education to the villagers. Including the following:

* Solar Stoves -  Due to the burden of costs of cooking food, many villagers resort to gathering firewood inside the forests or paying for it. Through easily obtained Solar Stoves, fuel is cut by 70%, resulting in less forest intrusion, meaning less threat to the animals and the habitat.  Solar Stoves cost are approximately 11000 Indian Rupee (approx $270 AU)

* Protective Devices - Cee4life is testing a device that may offer a form of protection to the villagers who go into the forests, whether they are alone or with a group of villagers, and who may come in contact with a Apex predator, specifically Tigers and Leopards. (Asiatic Lions included). This device is currently at testing stage. However, it works on the effect of . Sound is a deterrent to many creatures. After ground observations, it is evident that many Tigers in India, particularly those around tourist areas, are not afraid of people, noise, cars or really anything. Animal sound sensitivity and hearing is something which we have been studying and researching and feel that we have discovered a device that would offer protection to the villagers, and therefore the animals. This testing will be conducted in situ and recorded for response while we are in India. If this is successful, then we may have found a way to help protect the human population and therefore these wonderful creatures. Each Protective device costs approx - small non battery operated $13 AU, ad long life battery operated $30 AU. 

*Education -  Many of the villagers of India are not able to acquire education, even in the basic form. Education is vital in order for people to understand the situations of wildlife, and many other basic's, including human population. The education which Cee4life will attempt to cover the subject of wildlife and living in close proximity to wildlife, human behaviours  which may entice a negative animal response, sustainable living including farming techniques, economical avenues for the village communities (this will depend on what the village itself offers or items that can be brought into the village). Additionally, Cee4life will attempt to include education on human population and impact on wildlife education and information. To say that this will be a hard job, is an understatement. But it must be at least attempted.  Education costs will be approximately - $4500 AU for implementation of program and travel costs included.

* Incentives for Villagers to Protect Wildlife - Cee4life will endeavour to offer the villagers an incentive for the reporting of any wild live creature that is deemed as "dangerous". Only when the animal is safely rescued alive will the incentive be given. These incentives can come in many forms, not just money. Incentives cost - unlimited and incentives will vary eg:  food, materials for housing, financial rewards sometimes etc.

Stage 2 - late 2013 early 2014.

*Training - The training side of the Guardian Project will be the next stage after permissions from the Government can be obtained. This training includes, wildlife protection techniques (to be elaborated upon in the future), domestic animal care both in the wild and in suburbia, safety, hygiene, computer skills, wildlife monitoring techniques etc. Training will also "hopefully" include the development of community centers to aid in all aspects of training and to be utilized by villagers for educational, research, and village economic reasons.  Training will be elaborated upon in the near future. Costs for training with vary, however approxiately $55000+ including community centre infrastructure and equipment. Funding for this will be ongoing.

Stage 3 - Implementation ongoing    Rescue and Rehabilitation Center for human/animal conflict animals.   In what could be the most challenging of all aspects of the Guardian Project, is the hope for development of quick response specialized teams which would be on call 24/7 to deploy into areas where a Tiger, Leopard, Lion, Bear etc is deemed as either   1. Dangerous to humans, 2. In danger of injury, 3.Injured, 4. Trapped, 5. Territorial conflicts animals, 6. Sick, 7. Or any animal, which poses a threat to the human population or the human population poses a threat to it.

This part of the Guardian Project aims to implement a rescue and rehabilitation center to hold any of the above mentioned animals in a ethical facility for the sole purpose of rehab and release back into the wild. Prior to any release, specialised teams consisting of experienced locals and members of Cee4life and any other NGO's and professionals, will thoroughly research a safe release area. This part of the Guardian Project will be ongoing as there is alot to this, and it is urgently needed.  Costs for training and equipment - approximately $100000+ - funding raising will be ongoing  As with all of this, it sounds wonderful, however nothing is possible  without the finances to do this.


Within Thailand, there are a great deal of animals that are used for tourism. Many of these creatures endure very unethical care.  Thailand is also a country where the wildlife trade of animals occurs frequently. Over the last 6 years, Cee4life has been trying to educate tourists to Thailand who intend on visiting captive animals, to choose and support the ethical places to visit and not to visit places of obvious exploitation.  Here is a recent documentary filmed with SBS Dateline and Cee4life director Sybelle Foxcroft -

We have been able to liaise with Thai Animal Rights Group, A Call to Animal Rights and intend on building our connections with them to help spread the education further into the Thai community. 

Animals are heavily relied upon by some people for their income, so extreme sensitivity and good communication skills are vital for this. Cee4life is going to attempt to do this with the help of our Thai friends and liaison with the Thai Government.


Within Thailand, there is an estimated 200 Indochinese Tigers left in the wild. The main cause of their disappearance is the wildlife trade.

The sad fact of the matter is that there are many people who do not understand the importance the Apex predators role is in regard to ecological balance. We will attempt to address this issue on an educational basis also.

We are also hoping to attend the CITES convention in March 2013 where the issues mentioned above and more will be discussed, and with hope, we can find a way to ease the pressure off the Tigers.

With all of this work, we are aiming for the Thai and Indian people to join in and carrying the employee load. It is very important to have the support from in country people in order for the education and the work to spread.



We are seeking funding on a variety of levels including, sponsorship, Government grants, and donations.

If you can donate, please go to the registered Charity "WildlifeCalling” where you can donate via bank account or via paypal. On your donation, please stipulate Cee4life Guardian. All donations within UK and tax agreement countries are tax deductable.

For any sponsorship offers please contact either - or

This is a massive undertaking and very ambitious. However, these things are vitally needed and if we don’t try to make a start to remedy or even stem some of these situations occurring with our wildlife, then we will lose many species.


Cee4life is dedicated to do this for the endurance or until we can save lives, both human and animals.  I hope you will support our efforts, and I look forward to some of you joining us.


Sybelle Foxcroft

 Director Cee4life

and all of the Cee4life team.                                    




Sat 19th Jan 2013

Shaun Ellis campaigns to stop Combe Martin wolves from being put down

From - North Devon Journal By Francesca Taffs


A CAMPAIGN to save more than a dozen wolves in Combe Martin from being put down has gained thousands of supporters.

The Wolf Centre was set up at Newberry Farm 18 months ago by Shaun Ellis, 48, who is passionate about helping people learn about the ways of the wolf.

But North Devon Council has recently refused a retrospective planning application for the site, meaning Shaun's wolves may be left without a home and ultimately needing to be put down.

Shaun has 27 years' experience working with wolves and has even lived with them, as one of the pack, for two and a half years.

The wolves he looks after now were originally located at Combe Martin Wildlife Park but were moved to Newberry Farm in June 2011.

"We wanted slightly different things," Shaun said of the move. "The wildlife park had to be a bit more commercial and we wanted to go down the educational route."

North Devon Council had said no planning permission was required for the Newberry Farm site.

But, following a complaint from a neighbour, the council said a retrospective planning application was needed to cover changes to the use of land.

An application was therefore given to the council in April of this year, but was turned down at the end of October.

Shaun said the wolves are like family to him and that to have to put them down would ruin his life.

"It would be unliveable afterwards," he said. "We would never find a home for them. We tried before and you just cannot do it.

"We would love to give local people the opportunity to come up, book a day with us and find out what we are doing. When you see what they are about I think people will have a completely different outlook."

"We want to resolve this, but unless they contact us we cannot allay their fears, so we do hope they come forward.

"We want a damn good reason for them to turn this down.

"I do not see sense in all the arguments they put forward."

The council stated three reasons why the planning application had been turned down.

The first was that the site lies within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and does not preserve or enhance the natural beauty of the surrounding environment.

Secondly, the council believes the site will cause noise nuisance to surrounding houses.

It was also stated in the decision notice that the volume of traffic entering the site will increase, causing a potential danger.

Dawn Fletcher, who deals with the centre's marketing, said they submitted the application in April but had heard nothing by the end of September.

She said: "It was hanging over us.

"We chased it up in early October. We heard towards the end of October that it had been refused. The decision was made by one planning officer."

Shaun said he now has one of two options. One would be to appeal the council's refusal and the second would be to submit a new planning application.

To support Shaun's campaign to save the centre visit campaign/sign-our-petition or click on Shaun's web site link on the right side of the page under 'Affiliate Links'




Sat 19th Jan 2013


The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre in Malawi  are in desperate need of a car winch to hire or buy in Lilongwe to be used in Kasungu. We can buy or just hire for 2 weeks or for a month or so.

Please get in touch if you can help...all our vehicles are getting stuck on our release programme, the rain is unbelievable!

There is a link to Lilongwe on the right of this page under 'Affliliate Links'



Sun 13th Jan 2013

Status update

By Benue Zoo Animals Appeal - Cee4life

It is with mixed emotions that we inform you all that cee4life will now proceed in closing the Benue Zoo Animals Appeal – cee4life project.

With all the media/Internet coverage & the You Tube Video made by Battabox Nat has been contacted by numerous people and organisations that have said they are willing to help. Cee4life has also contacted many animal welfare organisations and was able to engage the University of Nigeria, Veterinary Dept, which was able to go to Benue and assess all animals. After their assessment, the University deemed that the animals were all in good health and that rehome was not needed. This was suprising considering the state of the animals not more than a month prior, and starving.

However, it is always extremely difficult for foreign NGO's to work in countries overseas where we do not have staff on the ground to liaise with authorities in person.

Due to the fact that Benue Zoo is a state Government, it is the Government that makes the decision on the animals welfare. Cee4life has only been able to urge and advice the rehome and ethical care of these creatures.

Ultimately the Nigerian Government and the Benue State representatives are the only people that can approve rehoming of the animals; or improved enclosures and veterinary care. Nat

Apir has been attempting to negotiate with these people to make this happen. Cee4life has been liaising with the Nigerian Consulate in Australia and have given all information about the state of the animals and zoo, and we will continue to do so.

We would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you that has supported and donated to this cause. Without you the Benue Zoo animals would most certainly have perished. Nat Apir has and is doing an amazing job; our door is always open to him. Any further information and/or updates we receive we will still inform you all via the page here.

Kind Regards and with gratitude – Cee4life



Fri 4th Jan 2013

Three lions shot at Monde Village, Zimbabwe

January 4 2013

On the 3rd January the ALERT team received reports from associates at Lion Encounter, Victoria Falls that three lions had been shot at Monde village, approx 15kms outside Victoria Falls town in Western Zimbabwe.

The resident researcher at our Victoria Falls project followed up these reports by visiting the area and speaking directly with those involved. According to a local gentleman the incident took place at 1530h on the 2nd after the three lions had been observed, by a passing driver, attacking a cow next to the main Victoria Falls to Bulawayo road. The cow was part of a larger herd that had dispersed and moved out of sight of their herders who had taken shelter from heavy rain under a tree.

The driver alerted the herders to the attack. The lions, an adult lioness and her 2 cubs, aged approx. 14 months, broke the cow’s spine before fleeing as villagers chased them away with dogs. The cow was then mercifully killed and the head removed to be used as bait to lure the lions back.

By 2000h the lions had returned to the bait where they were then shot by a local professional hunter with granted permission by the Hwange Rural Council District.

These incidents of direct human-lion conflict are a continuing pressure upon wild populations and are widespread amongst many lion range countries. As prey availability diminishes and suitable habitat shrinks lions are drawn more frequently into human dominated areas where they often meet their end. Studies of lion movements and behaviour have shown many will avoid human settlements where possible as they induce high levels of stress. However livestock act as a very easy substitute for normal prey and in areas such as Monde where livestock roam freely, sometimes unguarded, lion attacks are common. Lions will mostly attack under the cover of night whilst herds are kept in sometimes very poorly made boma’s (enclosures), yet attacks during daylight do occur.

Work is being undertaken in many lion range countries, such as Kenya and Tanzania to improve boma protection where livestock is kept at night. It is hoped that thickening, strengthening and enlarging boma walls will prevent lion attacks but studies upon improved boma’s have shown lions are capable of breaking through or leaping over a vast variety of wall types. The costs involved in these programs is also very high for each household, up to GB$1,200 per boma - far beyond the reach of most livestock owners.

In late 2012 ALERT began discussions with Kenyan born Sandy Simpson who has modified and implemented a system created by a young Kenyan boy 2 years ago. Richard Turere, 11 years old, of the Kitengela area in Kenya created a system to help protect his family’s livestock boma at night from lion attacks. Richard took a handful of torches, a second hand car battery and a small solar panel to make an automated lighting system around the perimeter of the boma. After installing the flashing lights around the boma 2 years ago, Richard’s family has not reported a single lion attack since.

Sandy has taken this system, costing a more reasonable US$200 and installed units across Kenya and Tanzania. Those communities with the system have reported a dramatic decrease in lion attacks as well as the lights deterring other predators and elephants. Over time it is hoped that the costs of this system can be further reduced to make them more accessible to affected communities.

Prior to the shooting of the three lions at Monde ALERT had begun talks with the village Chief, relevant community members and Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority regarding the installation of lighting systems in the area. It is hoped the systems will prevent further conflict incidents and lion deaths as well as provide crucial data upon the effectiveness of the lights upon lion predation and movements in such areas. Research validating the lighting system’s ability to deter predators successfully could see the system used across all lion range countries in human-lion conflict areas.

Although the majority attacks take place overnight, livestock and people are still at risk during the day from lions. This may become an increasing issue if as a result of improved livestock protection at night lions adapt their hunting strategies to be more active during the day. Those lion attacks during daylight hours often occur when livestock is simply unattended and/or has roamed astray. ALERT also supports the African Centre for Holistic Management (ACHM) and assists the expansion and further implementation of their livestock husbandry techniques that can contribute to decreasing attacks such as has happened in this instance, whilst also increasing food security for communities implementing their proven land & livestock management methods.

Currently ALERT is seeking funding for the lighting deterrent project to begin as soon as funding is secured. 10 motion camera traps are needed to install around protected boma’s to monitor lion movements and behaviour as a part of the vital research on the lighting system’s impact on lion livestock predation.

$250/£155 can buy one camera trap. $200/ £124 can buy one lighting system.

Your support is crucial in helping to directly prevent further lion killings.  There is a link to A.L.E.R.T on the right hand side of this page.



Fri 4th Jan 2013

·Cry for from Tsau - Global White Lion Protection Trust .

Cry for Freedom...

K9 conservation project

Letaba and Regeus are anxiously waiting to be released to freedom. The delay, concerns about their safety...

Just this morning the two security field rangers found tracks of poachers moving through the lions' intended new territory. Did the poachers set wire snares (traps)... which could mame and even kill the lions...? The field rangers are busy 'sweeping the vegetation' for wire snares.

This is an appeal for your help. We need more anti-poaching field rangers which are better equipped, particularly with specially trained anti-poaching tracker dogs, but this costs money: U$3000 for a trained K9 dog (, and U$6500 for annual salary of an experienced security field ranger.

Please assist us by donating, and ensure the safety and protection of the lions so that they can be released to freedom.Urgent assistance is desperately needed by way of donating to ensure the safety and protection of the lions so that they can be released to freedom.



For every meter of fencing any supporters sponsors kindly donate, Karen -Jane Dudley ( Official photographer for Global White Lion Protection Trust ) will gift a complimentary screen saver image of a Royal Pride member in return by way of thank you for your most highly valued assistance and support.

Please remember to PM (on Face Book) your full email address to claim your complimentary screen saver once you have sponsored your meter of fencing.

Once again a huge roar of grateful thanks going out to each and everyone for every ounce of support you could possibly gift and for those who have kindly shared the appeal. KJ

****You can donate via the Global White Lion Protection Trust.  The link to their site is on the right hand side of this page.



Sun 23rd Dec 2012

The Team at Wildlife Calling would like to wish all our friends and supporters a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and all good wishes for the NEW YEAR. WE thank you for your support and look forward to being able to help more wildlife in 2013.




Mon 17th Dec 2012

CALLING ALL WOLF LOVERS… we need your help! The Wolf Centre is home to Shaun Ellis, the globally renowned wolf behaviourist, and to the three packs of wolves and hybrids who live happily in this peaceful valley and allow him to continue his work in education, conservation and research. But his ability to carry out this important work and the very lives of these animals is now under threat. And we need your help to prove to the local council that this centre is valued throughout the world. If you see the importance in the work that we do educating, researching and conserving the world of the wolf… SIGN OUR PETITION NOW. (See the link to the Wolf Centre site on the right hand side under 'Affiliate Links')



Sat 8th Dec 2012

Could I ask -- if you are a UK tax payer who is kindly making a donation -- would you please email us with your address so a 'Gift Aid' form can be sent to you. That way your donation to our causes will go a lot further. You can email via the form on our 'Contact Us' page.

Thank you, Anita



Sun 2nd Dec 2012

To anyone who is coming here to donate ---- we apologise that to date we do not have Pay Pal. We are in the process of getting registered by the Department we need to before we can apply for Pay Pal. Unfortunately all this takes time. But as soon as we are able to then it will put on here.

In the meantime it is possible to donate through our Bank. If you click on the 'DONATE' tab above you will see the details. You can donate to there from anywhere in the world and it it takes very little time to get to us.

Thank you to everyone who has made donations, especially recently for Benue Zoo. All received to date have been sent to the Zoo.

Anita - secretary of Wildlife Calling

UPDATE: WE NOW HAVE PAY PAL!!! Please see the donate button top right.


Because of your support:

Sat 1st Dec 2012

Here are some of the animals your donations are feeding.

They were taken by Nat Apir a volunteer who is feeding them and who raised the news about Benue Zoo. He is doing a wonderful job - as are the Staff who until Cee4Life starting paying them, had been working for months with no pay, looking after the animals under very difficult circumstances. What great people they are.

We thank you so much for contributing, as do Cee4Life who are spearheading this. There is now enough money to feed the animals until the end of January 2013, so we are suspending this appeal for a while.



Wed 21st Nov 2012

Wildlife Calling are pleased to announce another online auction for an A3 limited edition print on canvas of a picture by Eric Wilson the well known wildlife artist - 'The Old Man of the Mountain'. It has been signed by him. Please go to our Face Book Forum pages and leave your name and bid on the page there. It will run until 10th December 2012.

This has been donated to us by our friend Maxine Dombrowsky. We are so grateful to Max once again for doing this.

Please read what has been written on the Forum page very carefully. ONLY leave your name & bid for your security, then email us with your contact details. The email address is on the Forum page, and also on the 'Contact Us' page on here. It is open to everyone no matter which country you live in. We can post it to anywhere in the world.

If you're not on Face Book you can still join in - just email me at: and I will enter your bid for you.

Good luck everyone!! And thank you for your support. Anita

This auction is now closed. The highest bidder was Jude Jones. Well done Jude and thank you so much for your support. The picture will be on its way to you shortly.


We have decided that the proceeds from the highest bid for the limited edition print of the Old Man of the Mountains will be sent to help the starving animals in Benue Zoo, Nigeria. Wildlife Calling are collecting any donations for the appeal by Cee4Life - check out their site - their link is on the right of this page.

It is a desperate situation there and funds are really needed, so if you can help then please do. And if you would like a wonderful picture as well as helping do a lot of good, then do think about placing your bids on our Face Book's Forum page above. But only the highest bidder's money will be accepted.




Thu 8th Nov 2012

Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit

URGENT REQUEST FOR HELP. We are currently in the midst of the grey seal pupping season here in Scotland and have already recovered 3 severely malnourished youngsters this week and expect a lot more to follow. But we are now all out of medical supplies (dehydration fluids, veterinary supplies etc) and we have no available funds in our account for relaying pups etc. If anyone can help us with a small donation at this time, we (and the seals) would be extremely appreciative for your support! :-S

Wildlife Calling are making a donation to help with their wonderful work. Please help if you can. Any amount will be of help. Thank you - Anita



Wed 7th Nov 2012

Sybelle Foxcroft

On 17th October 2012, a cry for help went out from Nigeria. A video was released on Youtube, by Battabox, which showed severe starvation conditions for a number of animals inside Benue Zoo, Nigeria. Nat Apr, a......local community member from nearby Makura, had visited the zoo and found the animals in terrible conditions. Since that point, Nat has been doing his best to feed the animals of Benue Zoo. Nat is not zoo staff and has been caring for animals out of his own pocket. As you can imagine this is very difficult for Nat. Cee4life has been liaising with Nat and striving to bring humane care and possible rehome for the surviving animals. For all information on how this came about, please go to the below link. Cee4life needs to raise approximately $4000 AU to bring food, veterinary aid and funds for possible rehome (still negotiating atm with Benue Zoo) In the meantime, the charity which Cee4life uses, Wildlife Calling, is sending some funds over to help aid the animals for 1 -2 weeks. If you can help please do, this is urgent. Thank you for any help you can give.

For further information please see Cee4life web site on the link to the right of this page.



Tue 6th Nov 2012

Wildlife Calling would like to thank the Staff and customers of Vets4Pets in Kettering for hosting a fundraiser recently. Your support is very much appreciated.



Thu 18th Oct 2012

Wildlife Calling are pleased to announce an online auction for an A4 limited edition print on canvas of a picture by Eric Wilson the well known wildlife artist. It has been signed by him. Please go to our Face Book Forum pages and leave your name and bid on the page there. It will now run until Friday 2nd November 2012

This has been donated to us by our friend Maxine Dombrowsky. We are so grateful to Max for doing this.

Please read what has been written on the Forum page very carefully. ONLY leave your name & bid for your security, then email us with your contact details. The email address is on the Forum page, and also on the 'Contact Us' page on here. It is open to everyone no matter which country you live in. Good luck everyone!! And thank you for your support. Anita

Monday 5th November 2012

The auction has now closed. The recipient of the print is Jill Rees - well done Jill and thank you for your support.


Fund Raiser

Sun 7th Oct 2012

On Friday 19th October there will be a fund raiser in the Newlands shopping centre in Kettering. There will be a Tombola and items for sale. If you are in that area, do drop by to support us.


Coming Soon......

Sun 7th Oct 2012

Coming soon..... An online auction of a print on canvas of a picture by well known wildlife artist Eric Wilson. All monies will go to helping Wildlife Calling's work. It will be conducted on our Face Book page. Look out for details.............


AGM of Wildlife Calling

Fri 31st Aug 2012

At the AGM the present Trustees and Executive were all re-elected.

New ideas for fund raising were discussed. The next one will be on Friday 19th October 2012 at the Newborough Centre in Kettering.

Anyone wishing to see a copy of the minutes and the accounts (which are in the process of being auditted)should submit a request to the Secretary at the address given on the contact page.


Donations Needed To Save Male Lioncubs From Canned Hunting

Mon 6th Aug 2012

There are 2 male lioncubs at this moment being raised and waiting to be returned to the canned hunting business. Of course it is just 2 of all lions that are tragically being killed in this horrible business, but even if we cannot save all lions and stop all hunting at once, it is at least a way to show we can all cooperate and show goodwill to give a great life to these 2 male lions. We will stop them being cuddled by tourists and volunteers, and when they are gorgeous maned adult males they will safely live at our project on a huge piece of land, with sufficient food and medical care. They will be the ambassadors to all lions that suffer in captivity or are being raised to be killed in canned hunting. Please help us to save these poor cubs?

If you want to donate please transfer a donation to:

Bank accountno., ABN AMRO Bank NV, Bussum/Netherlands

B.M.A. De Jonge



IBAN code: NL44ABNA0542087081

Referance: save the lion cubs/Wild Cats World

pay pal :

Thank you



Thu 12th Jul 2012

We regret to say that our Chair, Wendy, has stepped down due to ill health, though we hope she will feel able to stay on the committee. We send our thanks to her for all she has done and our good wishes for a speedy return to good health. Marlene Graham has now taken over as Chair.


Our first Fund Raiser

Sun 1st Jul 2012

took place today at a local school's fete. Terry, Izzy & Anita braved the not such great weather with a tombola stall. People were really interested to hear what we are about. Thank you to everyone who supported us by taking part in the tombola. And thank you to the Friends of Brambleside for letting us have a table at their event. We look forward to the next One!


News from the North American Bear Center, Minnesota

Tue 15th May 2012

Last year we lost a very special bear and would like to honour her memory with an Education Center to further our work. The Hope Education Center needs your help. Please donate to help fund this building via: GIVE MN -

H - Hope for bear populations everywhere

O - Opportunity to learn what bears are really like

P - Progress toward correcting misconceptions and changing attitudes

E - Education about bear life


Phil Davis of Tiger Awareness

Tue 1st May 2012

is under taking a cycle ride from his home near Leicester to Skegness in Lincolnshire during the August Bank Holiday. It is to raise funds as Tiger Awareness are supporting a handicraft project in the Sundarbans forest in India. It will give employment to 60+ people and so keep them out of the forest and conflict with tigers. Tiger Awareness are collaborating in this venture with the Saving Tiger organisation. They will also be supplying some cameras for the field.

If you wish to help this worthy project, please click on the link on the right hand side for Tiger Awareness and it will take you to their web site where you can donate.

Wildlife Calling would like to wish Phil and all concerned the very best of luck and hope they raise a good sum to help these people, and this will then help the tigers!


Global White Lion Protection Trust

Thu 26th Apr 2012

We are thrilled to let you know that the City of Johannesburg has released a statement saying: "After consultation with the family of an employee who died following an attack by lioness Nyanga, the City of Johannesburg’s Executive Mayor and his Mayoral Committee have decided to release her to an animal sanctuary." This was confirmed at the Council Meeting today.

Thank you for all your prayers and signatures on the petition, which reached 5000 in 55 countries!

We are acutely aware that the effort for Nyanga’s freedom is not over yet: the critical decision of where the City of Johannesburg will grant her "sanctuary" is the next step, which requires that we retain our drive to bring her Home, and ensure she does not end up in one of numerous disreputable captive breeding operations posing as "sanctuaries". We invite you to join us tomorrow for the culmination of the prayer-appeal, holding the vision of Nyanga walking these sacred lands - just as we did a decade ago for the great White Lioness, Marah, who saw sunlight and open wilderness bushveld after a lifetime behind bars.


Orion the Bengal tiger

Tue 24th Apr 2012

The little cub that OWC and Cee4life rescued has now reached his 1st birthday -- something that seemed impossible 6 months ago. You see, people can do extraordinary things when they work together -- Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy


A.L.E.R.T have a new web site

Sat 21st Apr 2012

There is a page for 'Sponsors' which you may find of interest, especially if you would like to adopt a lion!! But there are other ways in which you can help them. Go to their site (link is to the right of this page) & click on 'Sponsors' and it will take you there. It is a worth while project, so do help if you can.


Global White Lion Protection Trust

Mon 16th Apr 2012

The news from Tsau is all pride members - the Royal pride , the Royal youngsters and the Akeru boys and Golden girls are all very happy , healthy and more importantly safe. As you may have noticed on our web site or Face Book page this week, we are battling with the authorities in Johannesburg to release White Lioness Nyanga into our care after the sad death of Mr Joe Ramonetha in Feb. A very emotional situation, but we are doing everything possible to secure her freedom. If you would like to help us with this, then please go to our web site or Face Book Page and sign our petition. Thank you.


School Day

Sat 4th Feb 2012

I was invited to attend an Eco Day for Kids at Brambleside Community Primary School in Kettering to talk about black bears. I chose to speak about the bears at the North American Bear Center in Ely, Minnesota, USA. I took along some photographs and videos. The children were enthralled, and especially loved the video of Lucky, a resident bear at the Center. We also looked at the live den cams of bear cubs which were born in January of this year - again, the children (and Teachers!!) loved watching the cubs. The children then coloured pictures of the bears and the best were awarded a prize of a book about black bears. It was a very rewarding and enjoyable day.



Fri 13th Jan 2012

Status update

By Benue Zoo Animals Appeal - Cee4life

It is with mixed emotions that we inform you all that cee4life will now proceed in closing the Benue Zoo Animals Appeal – cee4life project.

With all the media/Internet coverage & the You Tube Video made by Battabox Nat has been contacted by numerous people and organisations that have said they are willing to help. Cee4life has also contacted many animal welfare organisations and was able to engage the University of Nigeria, Veterinary Dept, which was able to go to Benue and assess all animals. After their assessment, the University deemed that the animals were all in good health and that rehome was not needed. This was suprising considering the state of the animals not more than a month prior, and starving.

However, it is always extremely difficult for foreign NGO's to work in countries overseas where we do not have staff on the ground to liaise with authorities in person.

Due to the fact that Benue Zoo is a state Government, it is the Government that makes the decision on the animals welfare. Cee4life has only been able to urge and advice the rehome and ethical care of these creatures.

Ultimately the Nigerian Government and the Benue State representatives are the only people that can approve rehoming of the animals; or improved enclosures and veterinary care. Nat Apir  has been attempting to negotiate with these people to make this happen. Cee4life has been liaising with the Nigerian Consulate in Australia and have given all information about the state of the animals and zoo, and we will continue to do so.

We would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you that has supported and donated to this cause. Without you the Benue Zoo animals would most certainly have perished. Nat Apir has and is doing an amazing job; our door is always open to him. Any further information and/or updates we receive we will still inform you all via the page here.

Kind Regards and with gratitude – Cee4life



COMING S00N.......

Very soon we will have a fundraiser coming up for the Tigers from the Tiger Temple who will be rescued very soon.  Keep watching.......